UK Employment Law - what can we expect in 2015?

Emma Grossmith
20th Jan 2015

In our last update (update 178), we took a look back at the key developments in employment law during 2014. This update looks to the future and considers some of the main changes and developments anticipated during 2015. [179]

5 April is a key date in terms of employment law and each year a number of changes / developments come into force on this date.

In 2015, three key developments will be implemented on 5 April.


- Shared Parental Leave (SPL)

One of the most significant changes being introduced this year will be the new system of SPL...[Read More]


- Parental Leave

Not to be confused with SPL (above)...[Read More]


- Adoption appointments

There will also be a new right introduced for employees proposing to adopt a child to take time off...[Read More]


Read all about the employment law changes being implemented on 5 April 2015 and what you can do to prepare for them here.


There are a number of other scheduled and anticipated developments which will impact on employment law and HR during 2015.


‘Fit for Work’ service

Back in the summer of 2014, the Government announced that a new health and workplace assessment and advisory service would be introduced for employers, employees and GPs in late 2014. [Read More]


Zero-hour contracts

Changes to zero-hour contracts are expected during 2015. [Read More]


Caste Discrimination

Caste systems involve the division of people into a hierarchy of social groups (castes) where the assignment of rights and privileges is hereditary and determined by birth. [Read more]


Read more about these developments and what you can do to prepare for them here. [Read More]

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