JEL Summer Ball raises the roof with £81,500 donated to Pancreatic Cancer Scotland
By David McRae, Managing Director.   We are delighted to announce that our Summer Ball, held at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Glasgow on Saturday 15...
David McRae
20th Jun 2019
Can an employer be liable for disability discrimination where they do not know of the employee’s disability until after dismissal?
By Louise Walker, Senior Solicitor.   Yes, said the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) in a recent judgment.  
Louise Walker
9th May 2019
Increased rates in April 2019
By Pauline Hughes, Trainee Solicitor.   This month has seen an increase to employment related statutory limits, and separately, increases to the...
Pauline Hughes
30th Apr 2019
Can a director of a company be held personally liable for their company’s breaches of statutory employment rights?
By Lauren Wilson, Trainee Solicitor.   Yes, says the High Court, if the directors did not act in good faith and induced the company to commit such...
Lauren Wilson
16th Apr 2019
Charity of The Year – Pancreatic Cancer Scotland
by Gillian Cumming, Senior Solicitor.   We are delighted to announce that our charity of the year for 2019 is Pancreatic Cancer Scotland.   {img:96{"class":"img","height":"400","style":"width:...
Gillian Cumming
8th Feb 2019
What to expect from employment law in 2019
By David Reid, Director.   As 2019 starts to gather momentum, we take this opportunity to look forward to some of the issues and developments on...
David Reid
4th Feb 2019
Managing your workforce in severe weather
By Amanda Deeley, Solicitor.   The memories of the infamous ‘Beast from the East’ that hit the UK in early 2018 are starting to re-surface...
Amanda Deeley
31st Jan 2019
Update on worker rights to apply for the minimum annual leave
By Gillian Cumming, Senior Solicitor.   The European Court of Justice (ECJ) was recently faced with the following question – if a worker does...
Gillian Cumming
13th Nov 2018
EAT upholds decision that it was fair to dismiss a member of reserve forces
By Caroline Cockbain, Associate Director.   The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has found the dismissal of a Royal Marine reservist for volunteering...
Caroline Cockbain
23rd Oct 2018
The Ashers Bakery Case - Why the Bakery Won
By David Reid, Director.   In this analysis, I look at the basis for yesterday’s decision in the case of the Northern Irish bakery which refused...
David Reid
11th Oct 2018
Increase in Employment Tribunal Claims
By Pauline Hughes, Trainee Solicitor.   The Ministry of Justice has recently revealed statistics for the number of claims raised in the Employment...
Pauline Hughes
4th Oct 2018
New Parental Bereavement Act receives Royal Assent
By Lauren Wilson, Trainee Solicitor. The Parental Bereavement (Leave and Pay) Act 2018 received royal assent (approval), at the end of last week. The Act...
Lauren Wilson
19th Sep 2018
Supreme Court Dismisses Pimlico Plumbers Appeal
By Amanda Deeley, Solicitor.   The Supreme Court has today (13 June 2018) handed down its judgment in the case of Pimlico Plumbers v Smith.   This...
Amanda Deeley
13th Jun 2018
Managing World Cup Fever
By Caroline Cockbain, Associate Director.   Football fever is about to hit the nation with the World Cup running from 14 June until 15 July. While...
Caroline Cockbain
12th Jun 2018
Childcare voucher scheme closure deadline delayed
By Angela Strzyzewska. The Government has recently confirmed that the closure of the workplace childcare voucher scheme will be delayed until 4 October...
Angela Strzyzewska
1st May 2018
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