Legislative Update
By Pauline Hughes, Trainee Solicitor   In the last week, as the UK’s response to the coronavirus outbreak has placed significant restrictions...
Pauline Hughes
2nd Apr 2020
Postponement of Introduction of changes to IR35
By Caroline Cockbain, Associate Director   As you may have seen in the news this week, the Government has announced that it is postponing the reforms...
Caroline Cockbain
19th Mar 2020
Budget 2020: Key announcements in respect of coronavirus
By Pauline Hughes, Trainee Solicitor   On 11 March 2020, Chancellor Rishi Sunsak announced his budget for the coming year.  
Pauline Hughes
12th Mar 2020
By Lauren Wilson, Trainee Solicitor.   THE INFORMATION CONTAINED WITHIN THIS ALERT WAS ACCURATE AS AT 28 FEBRUARY 2020.   Guidance has...
Lauren Wilson
28th Feb 2020
The Good Work Plan changes coming in to force in April 2020: are your employee contracts compliant?
By Fiona Gorry, Senior Solicitor.   In our last update we advised that, from 6 April 2020, the framework for providing a Statement of Initial Employment...
Fiona Gorry Senior Solicitor
Fiona Gorry
20th Feb 2020
Forthcoming Introduction of Parental Bereavement Leave
By Caroline Cockbain, Associate Director.   The government has this week announced that it has laid the draft Parental Bereavement Leave and Pay...
Caroline Cockbain
24th Jan 2020
What to Expect from Employment Law in 2020
By Lauren Wilson, Trainee Solicitor.   As 2020 begins, we take this opportunity to look forward to some of the anticipated and proposed developments...
Lauren Wilson
9th Jan 2020
What changes were made to employment law in 2019?
By Pauline Hughes, Trainee Solicitor.   As 2019 draws to a close, we take this opportunity to reflect on some of the employment law developments...
Pauline Hughes
23rd Dec 2019
Festive staff parties – what could go wrong?
By Lauren Wison, Trainee Solicitor   Work-related events, including Christmas or other festive parties, can be considered ‘an extension of the...
Lauren Wilson
12th Dec 2019
Pancreatic Cancer awareness Month
By Gillian Cumming, Senior Solicitor.   Our Charity of the Year for 2019 is Pancreatic Cancer Scotland. November marks Pancreatic Cancer awareness...
Gillian Cumming
31st Oct 2019
Forthcoming IR35 tax legislation changes – how will this affect your business?
By Gillian Cumming, Senior Solicitor.   IR35 is tax legislation which was introduced to address a particular form of tax avoidance whereby individuals...
Gillian Cumming
29th Aug 2019
What could the “Good Work Plan: proposals for families” introduce in the workplace?
By Amanda Deeley, Solicitor.   The government has published the Good Work Plan: proposals for families setting out consultations on proposed reform...
Amanda Deeley
7th Aug 2019
Are agency workers entitled to be offered the same hours of work as a directly employed comparator?
By Caroline Cockbain, Associate Director.   As you may be aware, the Agency Workers Regulations 2010 state that after agency workers have passed...
Caroline Cockbain
30th Jul 2019
Just Employment Law Backs the Jags
From our Managing Director, David McRae.   We are delighted to confirm that we have committed to remain as Partick Thistle Football Club’s Principal...
David McRae
18th Jul 2019
Holiday pay update
By Angela Strzyzewska, Solicitor.   There have been recent developments in case law concerning workers’ holiday pay. In light of these developments,...
Angela Strzyzewska
2nd Jul 2019
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