Mediation - the new alternative to employment tribunals? - Expert Comments
The dispute resolution regulations are a failure…
David Reid
1st May 2006
Managing World Cup Fever - Expert Comments
Football fever is about to hit the nation with the World Cup running from 9 June until 9 July. While the World Cup brings excitement for individuals throughout...
David McRae
1st May 2006
Disciplinary Letters – What You Need to Say and Send - Expert Comments
The Employment Act 2002 (Dispute Regulations) 2004 obliges employers to follow statutory minimum disciplinary procedures. These procedures must generally...
David Reid
1st Apr 2006
TUPE – The New Rules - Expert Comments
After years of waiting, the new Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 come into force on 6 April. Here, we look at the main...
Gillian Cumming
1st Mar 2006
Age Discrimination - Expert Comments
Tips for avoiding inadvertently age discriminating employees.
Just Employment Law
1st Feb 2006
Age Discrimination – The Next Big Thing - Expert Comments
Discrimination will undoubtedly be the big employment law issue of 2006. The proposed laws currently going through Parliament will affect every employer in the land.
David Reid
1st Feb 2006
Family Friendly Legislation - The New Wave - Expert Comments
We take a look and offer advice on family friendly legislation Statutory Maternity Pay, Statutory Adoption Pay and Maternity Allowance.
David Reid
1st Jan 2006
The Christmas party - Avoiding the Pitfalls - Expert Comments
It is well established that employers are vicariously liable for the actions of their employees in the course of their employment. This can include actions...
David Reid
1st Dec 2005
Disability Discrimination - The Net Widens - Expert Comments
Do you have any employees suffering from MS, Cancer or HIV? If so be aware that these individuals are now likely to fall within the scope of the DDA and therefore...
Stuart Swan
1st Nov 2005
Smoking at work - the end of the road? - Expert Comments
With the introduction of a UK wide smoking ban expected in the near future, we examine the current position in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland,...
David Reid
1st Oct 2005
Age Discrimination - Discouraging Loyalty? - Expert Comments
Many employers offer their employees benefits to reward loyalty. Common examples include giving employees additional holidays, or private healthcare, on the...
David Reid
1st Sep 2005
Age Discrimination - New Law Set to Discourage Loyalty - Expert Comments
New legislation comes into force next year which could show benefits to reward loyalty as indirect age discrimination.
David Reid
1st Sep 2005
Agency Workers - Would the real employer please stand up? - Expert Comments
We all hire temps from time to time. But when it's time to say goodbye to a temp, you might be surprised to end up facing an unfair dismissal claim. However,...
David Reid
1st Aug 2005
Flexible Working Requests - Expert Comments
As parents of young children become more aware of their right to request a flexible working pattern, we consider whether the wide bases on which an employer...
David Reid
1st Jul 2005
Flexible Working Requests - The Risk of Refusing - Expert Comments
Today's news about Government's proposal to extend flexible working rights could change the way we work for good.
David Reid
1st Jul 2005
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