Risk Assessments for Breastfeeding Mothers
A recent case heard by the European Court of Justice looked at whether it was sex discrimination for an employer to fail to conduct a risk assessment for...
Caroline Cockbain
9th Nov 2017
Employment tribunal fee refund scheme announced
Since 2013 and until recently, claimants wishing to bring an employment tribunal claim required to pay a 'lodging fee' (at the point of submitting the claim)...
Angela Strzyzewska
24th Oct 2017
Parental bereavement leave and pay
The Parental Bereavement (Pay and Leave) Bill, published by the Government last week, provides that parents will receive at least two weeks' paid bereavement...
Natalie McEvoy
19th Oct 2017
Can a disciplinary investigation be too thorough?
For an employer to establish, before the Employment Tribunal, that the decision to dismiss an employee on conduct grounds was fair, the employer must be able...
Gillian Cumming
12th Oct 2017
Discrimination awards at the employment tribunal - new bandings announced
Although equality legislation provides that an award of damages in discrimination claims may include compensation for 'injured feelings', it does not provide...
Amanda Deeley
7th Sep 2017
Suspending employees - not always a neutral act
Employers must be careful to avoid taking any action against, or doing anything in respect of an employee that amounts to a breach of the implied term of...
Caroline Cockbain
29th Aug 2017
Holiday Pay for Voluntary Overtime
Should voluntary overtime be taken into account when calculating holiday pay?
Gillian Cumming
3rd Aug 2017
Supreme Court rules that tribunal fees are unlawful
Since their introduction back in 2013, employment tribunal fees have been a highly controversial topic, with many viewing them as unfair. The number of tribunal...
Caroline Cockbain
31st Jul 2017
JEL Summer Ball in aid of Pancreatic Cancer Scotland
We are delighted to advise that Just Employment Law’s Summer Ball in aid of Pancreatic Cancer Scotland, recently held at the Radisson Blu in Glasgow raised...
Louise Walker
10th Jul 2017
Partick Thistle Sponsorship
We are delighted to confirm that Partick Thistle Football Club has announced that Just Employment Law is the club’s main sponsor for the 2017/18 season.
David McRae
28th Jun 2017
Enhanced Shared Parental Pay
An Employment Tribunal has decided that it is direct sex discrimination for an employer not to pay enhanced shared parental pay in circumstances where it...
Caroline Cockbain
27th Jun 2017
Holiday Pay Claims
A gap of more than three months breaks the series of alleged unlawful deductions.
Amanda Deeley
19th May 2017
Working Time: Sleeping at work
The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has considered the approach to be adopted when deciding whether employees who ‘sleep-in’ to carry out duties, if...
Angela Strzyzewska
4th May 2017
Bank Holidays
Jeremy Corbyn has this week announced that a Labour Government would seek to create four new UK-wide bank holidays, St David’s Day (1 March), St Patrick’s...
Louise Walker
2nd May 2017
Increase to statutory payments
A number of standard rates and payments will be increasing with effect from early April 2017.
Caroline Cockbain
28th Mar 2017
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