What to expect from employment law this year
As 2018 starts to gather momentum, we take this opportunity to look forward to see what is on the horizon in terms of employment law.
Caroline Cockbain
8th Jan 2018
Key employment law developments of 2017
2017 was another year of significant change in employment law. In this alert, we look back at three significant developments.
Stuart Swan
19th Dec 2017
What to Expect in 2017
In our traditional first update of the year, we outline some of the key developments we expect to see in the field of employment law during 2017.
Louise Walker
17th Jan 2017
Key employment law developments in 2016
As the year draws to a close, we look back at some of the key developments in employment law this year.
David Reid
13th Dec 2016
Employment law - what to expect in 2016
A happy new year from everyone at Just Employment Law to our readers. In this first update of 2016, we outline some of the key developments we expect to see...
Louise Walker
6th Jan 2016
Top five news stories & key developments 2015
We’ve reviewed which of our news stories have attracted the most interest this year, and the top five stories were:  
David Reid
23rd Dec 2015
Key developments in 2015
2015 saw a number of significant employment law developments, both in legislation and case law. In this update we take a look back at the main changes this...
David Reid
23rd Dec 2015
A Summary of Employment Law Advances in 2010
Some of the Most Significant Employment Law Advances of 2010 have been…
David Reid
22nd Oct 2010
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