Increase in Employment Tribunal Claims
By Pauline Hughes, Trainee Solicitor.   The Ministry of Justice has recently revealed statistics for the number of claims raised in the Employment...
Pauline Hughes
4th Oct 2018
Latest ACAS statistics
By Angela Strzyzewska. The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) has published its most recent quarterly statistics, taking into account...
Angela Strzyzewska
29th Mar 2018
Key employment law developments of 2017
2017 was another year of significant change in employment law. In this alert, we look back at three significant developments.
Stuart Swan
19th Dec 2017
Employment tribunal fee refund scheme announced
Since 2013 and until recently, claimants wishing to bring an employment tribunal claim required to pay a 'lodging fee' (at the point of submitting the claim)...
Angela Strzyzewska
24th Oct 2017
Supreme Court rules that tribunal fees are unlawful
Since their introduction back in 2013, employment tribunal fees have been a highly controversial topic, with many viewing them as unfair. The number of tribunal...
Caroline Cockbain
31st Jul 2017
Tribunal fees to be abolished in Scotland
The Scottish Government has announced its intention to abolish Employment Tribunal fees in Scotland. This commitment is set out in its 2015/16 programme for...
Gillian Melville
2nd Sep 2015
Time Off During Olympics, Employment Tribunal 2013 Fees and More...
Latest from Employment Law: Olympics and requests for time off, Employment Tribunal New Fees for 2013, Statutory Right Must be Expressed, not Implied and more...
David Reid
24th Jul 2012
Employment Law Reforms - Expert Comments
Employment law reform has recently become a hot topic for the mainstream political media in a way that perhaps we have not seen since the 1970s. The reforms...
David Reid
22nd Nov 2011
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