Can a director of a company be held personally liable for their company’s breaches of statutory employment rights?
By Lauren Wilson, Trainee Solicitor.   Yes, says the High Court, if the directors did not act in good faith and induced the company to commit such...
Lauren Wilson
16th Apr 2019
Suspending employees - not always a neutral act
Employers must be careful to avoid taking any action against, or doing anything in respect of an employee that amounts to a breach of the implied term of...
Caroline Cockbain
29th Aug 2017
High Court upholds decision on employee's right to be accompanied - expert comments
The case makes it clear that when considering whether a request to bring a particular companion should be allowed at any stage of a disciplinary or grievance...
Louise Walker
24th Aug 2015
Employer breached contract by demoting employee for Facebook comments
The High Court has ruled that demoting an employee for making personal comments on Facebook about gay marriage constituted a breach of the employment contract....
David Reid
23rd Nov 2012
Non-solicitation clause found to be breached, despite employee and customers’ testimonies that there had been no solicitation
In a recent case, the High Court determined that there had been a breach of a non-solicitation clause by an ex-employee even though the customers concerned...
David Reid
9th Nov 2012
Post-termination restrictions
The High Court has recently decided that an employee can be bound by post-termination restrictions contained in an unsigned version of his/her contract of...
David Reid
26th Oct 2012
Reasonableness of a restrictive covenant must be judged from the time it was entered into
The reasonableness of a restrictive covenant must be judged from the time it was entered into, not when the employer seeks to enforce it.
David Reid
5th Oct 2012
Surrogacy claim lodged at High Court
In the past few weeks, Surrogacy UK and a mother, known as RKA, have lodged a joint claim at the High Court, seeking a declaration that the absence of maternity...
David Reid
5th Oct 2012
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