Employment Tribunal Representation for Employees

We can act for you in any type of employment tribunal claim, from a straightforward wages application through to more complex unfair dismissal, discrimination, and collective claims arising out of TUPE or redundancy consultations.


Our legal team has substantial experience of representing clients in employment tribunal actions. We can handle all aspects of any claim brought by, or against you, including drafting pleadings, preparing witness statements, settlement negotiations, and representing you at the hearing.

We guarantee that you will be represented by an experienced employment law litigator at all stages of the proceedings.

Just Employment Law is regulated by the Ministry of Justice in respect of regulated claims and management activities.

In terms of charges, a number of payment options are available, including competitive hourly rates and fixed fee arrangements. We are not able to offer no win-no fee arrangements.

If you would like to speak to one of our solicitors & discuss your requirements in more detail please call 0141 331 5150 or use this contact form.
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