E-cigarettes in the workplace – Expert Comments

Louise Walker
21st Nov 2014

With the use of e-cigarettes on the rise the European Commission has revised the Tobacco Products Directive which are required to be part of UK law by May 2016.

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Until this time, some employers may find it helpful to have clear rules on the use of e-cigarettes in the workplace. In particular, employers may wish to:

  • review any relevant policy currently in place, such as smoking or substance misuse policies, and ensure that these are revised to cover the use of e-cigarettes;
  • ensure that any policy on ‘vaping’ is made clear to employees and anyone else that may work at or visit the employer’s premises;
  • offer a particular area for the use of e-cigarettes, away from conventional smoking areas;
  • take action in the event of contravention of a policy, ensuring consistency in approach;
  • provide information to employees on ways to stop smoking and external agencies that can help.

Just Employment Law can help you to update your policies on smoking if this is an issue your business wishes to address. Please contact us for more details.

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