TUPE and Service Provision Changes - Expert Comments

David Reid
8th Jul 2009

The Employment Appeal Tribunal supports "common sense and pragmatic approach".

Employment law tribunal cases

Since the new TUPE regulations came into force in 2006, it has been widely anticipated that in the cases of contracting-out, contracting-in or a change of contractor, it will be much harder for the incoming employer to argue that TUPE does not apply.


In the recent case of Metropolitan Resources v Martin Cambridge the incoming employer tried to argue that the requirement for retention of identity post-transfer should be implied into the ‘service provision change’ test. The Employment Appeal Tribunal firmly rejected this argument.


The Employment Appeal Tribunal held that a ‘common sense and pragmatic approach’ is required to determine whether there is a relevant transfer. The fundamental question is whether the activities pre and post transfer are ‘essentially the same’.


You can read the full text of the Judgment by clicking here.

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