Annual Retainer Service FAQ

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• What is the contractual period for the Retainer?
The contractual period is usually 12 months. There is no further obligation on your part at the end of the contractual period, nor do you need to give notice to terminate at that time.
• Are there any hidden extras in your charges?
None whatsoever. The amount of work we carry out for you under the Retainer will not affect the agreed charges.
• Is there any limit to the amount of advice we can take under the Retainer?
No. We appreciate that there will be times when clients need to use the service very frequently, and other times when the requirement for support is less. Therefore, you can use the service as much or as little as you like throughout the contracted period.
• Do we have to pay in advance?
No. You can pay monthly by Direct Debit if you wish, interest-free.
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