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• What areas of the UK do you cover for on-site project work?
We will carry out on-site work anywhere in the UK.
• Are there any hidden extras in your charges?
No. The price we agree beforehand is the price you will pay for the project. Our only additional charges, in the case of on-site project work, are for reimbursement of travelling and accommodation expenses.
• Do you only deal with 'large-scale' projects?
No. Projects can range from straightforward contract drafting or settlement agreements/compromise agreements through to multiple-site business restructuring.
• What if I subscribe to the Annual Retainer Service?
If you subscribe to the Annual Retainer Service during the project, we may be able to absorb some or all of the project charges into the Retainer charge, depending upon the size and nature of the project.
• Do we have to pay in advance?
Not normally. We usually render our fee note upon satisfactory completion of the work. We may, however, issue interim fee notes in the case of larger projects.
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