Plans to increase use of reservists may have implications for employers during recruitment

David Reid
17th Aug 2012

It is anticipated that government proposals due to be published in the autumn will seek to double the number of reservists in the armed forces by 2015. What are the implications of this for employers?

Employment law time off work

Currently the law states that when a reservist is called up, their employer is obliged to allow them time off unless it makes an application against this to an adjudication officer on the basis that it would cause serious harm to its business. An employer is also obliged to re-instate any reservist who was last employed by it in the four weeks before call-up to the same role, or, if not reasonably practicable, to the most favourable terms and conditions that are reasonably practicable in the circumstances.


To prevent employers ‘discriminating’ against reservists, the government is considering preventing employers from asking applicants if they are reservists during recruitment. Just Employment Law will keep you updated on this as necessary.


More information here.

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