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Metropolitan Police Officers and staff told not to get any more visible tattoos - Expert Comments

David Reid
19th Oct 2012

Metropolitan Police Officers and staff told not to get any more visible tattoos and to formally register the ones they already have.

General employment law changes

Officers and staff of the Metropolitan Police have been banned from getting visible tattoos on the grounds that they damage the professional image of the force. Visible tattoos have been defined as tattoos that cannot be covered by everyday clothing, such as those on the face or hands, or above the collar line. All other tattoos must be covered.


The measures come after the Met office reviewed its standards of appearance with a view to promoting consistency. Employees will now not only be banned from getting any visible tattoos but must also register the details of any existing visible tattoos before 12 November 2012. A failure to do so is liable to be considered to be gross misconduct.


Employers should note that it is possible to enforce a strict dress code provided that all employees are aware of it and that the standards of dress are consistently applied. However, employers should also take care not to fall foul of discrimination legislation by, for example, having an outright ban on items of religious or cultural dress. If you would like assistance in drafting a suitable dress code, please contact Just Employment Law for further advice.


The full story can be found here.

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