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How Discretionary is a Contractual Discretionary Benefit - Expert Comments
It has always been important to take care when drafting contractual terms. In light of the Supreme Court’s recent judgment, employers, when offering employment...
Louise Walker
6th Jul 2015
How public does a Public Interest Disclosure need to be?
This EAT decision substantially limits the ‘public interest’ test and opens the door to claimants arguing that a disclosure which, perhaps even admittedly,...
David Reid
29th May 2015
No TUPE transfer when the service provision change is in respect of a short-term contract - Expert Comments
The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has defined a 12-month contract as ‘short-term’ and therefore excluded from the application of the TUPE Regulations...
David Reid
15th Nov 2012
Maternity rights for surrogate parents: ECJ decision pending
Should the non-biological parent of a child born by a surrogate mother be entitled to maternity leave?
David Reid
2nd Nov 2012
Metropolitan Police Officers and staff told not to get any more visible tattoos - Expert Comments
Metropolitan Police Officers and staff told not to get any more visible tattoos and to formally register the ones they already have.
David Reid
19th Oct 2012
Repeal of third party harassment and the discrimination questionnaire procedure - Expert Comments
Government confirms intention to proceed with proposed repeal of third party harassment and the discrimination questionnaire procedure.
David Reid
19th Oct 2012
Employment Tribunal statistics highlight downward trend in number of claims
Latest Employment Tribunal statistics highlight downward trend in number of claims and highest awards in discrimination claims…
David Reid
27th Sep 2012
Dismissal based on unverified allegations found fair due to risk to the employer’s reputation - Expert Comments
The Court of Appeal has held that the dismissal of an employee was fair even though the employer had not followed a formal disciplinary procedure to ‘test’...
David Reid
17th Aug 2012
Update on Employment Law Reforms
The Business Secretary, Vince Cable, has outlined further details of the government’s plans to reform employment law through the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill.
David Reid
27th Jun 2012
Justifying Discrimination on the Grounds of Cost - Expert Comments
It is a well known principle of law that discrimination cannot be justified on the basis of cost alone. Intuitively, this makes sense, as otherwise it would...
David Reid
27th Mar 2012
Diamond Jubilee Public Holiday
It has been announced that the late May public holiday will not take place at the end of May this year, but will be moved to Monday 4 June 2012 instead. It...
David Reid
14th Mar 2012
Recent EAT Case - Refusal of Alternative Employment to be Reasonable
When an employee’s role is declared redundant, it does not automatically follow that the employment relationship will be terminated…
David Reid
14th Feb 2012
Employment Law Reforms - Expert Comments
Employment law reform has recently become a hot topic for the mainstream political media in a way that perhaps we have not seen since the 1970s. The reforms...
David Reid
22nd Nov 2011
Sick employees must request holidays to get holiday pay - Expert Comments
As regular readers of our updates will be aware, there has recently been a tide of court judgments upholding the rights of long-term absentees to receive...
David Reid
15th Nov 2011
ACAS Guidance on Social Networking - Expert Comments
On 1 September 2011 ACAS launched guidance on its website to help UK employers and employees get to grips with cyber issues which are estimated to cost businesses...
David Reid
15th Sep 2011
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