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Dismissal based on unverified allegations found fair due to risk to the employer’s reputation - Expert Comments
The Court of Appeal has held that the dismissal of an employee was fair even though the employer had not followed a formal disciplinary procedure to ‘test’...
David Reid
17th Aug 2012
Unfair Dismissal Compensation - Expert Comments
Unfair dismissal compensation breaks £80,000 barrier.
David McRae
23rd Dec 2010
Unfair Dismissal Qualifying Period
Earlier today, newly appointed ‘Enterprise Tsar’ Lord Young announced on Radio 4’s Today programme that one of his proposals to the government for slashing...
David McRae
4th Nov 2010
When is the dismissal effective? - Expert Comments
Expert Comments on Dismissal. How to Determine the Effective Date.
David Reid
19th Oct 2010
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