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European Court of Justice rules worker prevented from taking annual leave due to sickness can carry it forward to next holiday year
In the case of Sobczyszyn v Szkoła Podstawowa w Rzeplinie, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) considered whether a Polish teacher who was unable to take...
David Reid
9th Aug 2016
Travelling time is ‘working time’ for workers with no fixed place of work
The ECJ has confirmed, in a European working time case, that time spent travelling to and from home by workers with no fixed place of work is working time...
Emma Grossmith
16th Oct 2015
Maternity rights for surrogate parents: ECJ decision pending
Should the non-biological parent of a child born by a surrogate mother be entitled to maternity leave?
David Reid
2nd Nov 2012
ECJ Gives Guidance on Justifying Compulsory Retirement - Expert Comments
Regular readers of our updates will know that (subject to transitional arrangements where the process started prior to 6 April this year) it is no longer...
David Reid
29th Jul 2011
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