Less than half of successful claimants get their full tribunal award

Stuart Swan
8th Oct 2014

There are growing concerns about the difficulties faced by successful claimants when trying to enforce tribunal awards.

Employment law tribunal cases


Government figures have shown that across the UK 35% of claimants were unable to attain any payment of their award with a further 16% only able to get their award paid in part.


These figures are of particular significance following the introduction of tribunal fees on 29 July 2013 which had already resulted in an 81% drop in tribunal claims. Many claimants are likely to be put off by the high costs now associated with tribunal claims coupled with the likelihood that they may be unable to enforce their award if successful at tribunal.


The main difficulty for claimants is that they must pursue the award themselves and often have to pay additional costs to try to enforce an award in their favour. This has led to calls for a full review of the system in Scotland (where enforcement is more difficult), whilst the UK Parliament is considering a Bill that would introduce a penalty for employers that fail to pay. It remains to be seen whether such measures will change the situation.


You can find the full figures here.

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