Quiz - Show off your Employment Law knowledge!

Will you pick up the employment law gauntlet?


An employee is entitled by statute to be accompanied to a disciplinary hearing by a colleague or trade union representative. True or False?
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A written statement setting out the basic terms of employment must be given to an employee who is employed for one month or more under section 1 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 within _____ months of the employee commencing employment with the employer?
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Ordinary Paternity Leave must be taken between the date on which the child is born or placed with the adopter and _____ days after that date?
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An employee who has been employed for 12 years or more is entitled to receive _____ statutory notice to terminate their employment?
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Under the Working Time Regulations 1998, the working time of a young worker (ie an individual who is under 18 but over compulsory school leaver age) must not exceed _____ hours per week?
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