Terms of Business for Employees - England and Wales (non-claim)

Our service


We are Just Employment Law Ltd and provide legal services in respect of employment tribunal claims and other employment matters. We will examine your situation in accordance with your instructions.


You will have a named member of our team with responsibility for the conduct of your case. This person will be identified in your letter of engagement (‘LOE’) and will normally be your first point of contact for any questions about your case.


Your Obligations


You must provide us with all information relevant to your case. You must also advise us as soon as possible of any change in circumstances that might affect the case in progress.


You must supply us with full details of all relevant matters to your case so that we can advise and/or act accordingly on your behalf.


Instructions should preferably be in writing or at least confirmed in writing (by letter, fax or email), unless this is in relation to a complaint or cancellation. In any event, any written communication sent by us confirming the instructions will be deemed to set out accurately the instructions given unless you write immediately in contradiction. By acceptance of these conditions you are deemed to consent to communication by fax and/or email.


You must provide all documents, including any documents in electronic form in your possession that are or may be relevant to the case. When sending all documents to us please include a disclosures statement confirming that you have given Just Employment Law Ltd all documents that you know about that are relevant to your case. All answers or statements given by you are your responsibility.


You must carefully read any documentation that we send to you or you receive from a third party in relation to this matter. Once read you should retain the documentation.


Our obligations


We will use reasonable skill and care in the provision of the services.


If any conflict of interest in our representation of you arises, we will tell you as soon as possible. We may need to decline your instructions and/or cease to act for you if there is a conflict.


You will be kept informed of the progress of your claim, including any changes to costs that you may have to meet and any requirements, such as the need for additional information, as they arise.




We will only be able to take instructions from you directly, unless you authorise us in writing to take your instructions from another person. If you wish to authorise someone else to give us instructions, you will be able to do so on your Client Details form.


Our Fees


Our exact fees are clearly set out in your LOE and will have regard to all the circumstances of the case, taking into account particular factors such as the complexity of the matter, the skill and responsibility involved and the time spent by us. We aim to be competitive in our charges without compromising on quality of service. Where requested, an estimate of our fees to completion of your case will be given, but it is important to understand that some factors affecting the cost (such as the length of the hearing) are not completely within our control.


Our hourly rate will apply for the work undertaken on your behalf. The rates are tiered as follows:


Director - £250 per hour plus VAT

Senior Solicitor - £195 per hour plus VAT

Solicitor - £160 per hour plus VAT

Trainee Solicitor - £135 per hour plus VAT


VAT (where applicable) and expenses incurred by us to third parties in connection with your case will be added to our charges. Photocopying carried out by us in connection with your case will also be charged where this is considered by us to be reasonable given the volume of copying required. Photocopying, where charged, will be at the rate of £0.10 per page plus VAT. Travel time, where charged, will be at half the hourly rate quoted in the LOE issued. Where a car has been used, an additional charge of £0.50 per mile plus VAT is payable. Where public transport or a taxi is used the actual cost incurred is payable. Work will be charged in 5 minute increments.


If there was a referral through a third party your LOE will detail the referral fee paid to or other financial arrangement with the referrer.




In situations where we contract, on your behalf, with a third party (such as an insurer) on the basis that you will be indemnified by the third party in respect of all or part of our costs, the primary liability to us for those costs will remain with you.


Timing of Fee Notes


We will send you a fee note in respect of our accumulated work-in-progress each month.


We may require you, from time to time, to pay us an agreed advance of fees and will usually do so in litigation cases before proceedings are commenced. We will provide details of the amount this advanced fee prior to requesting this.




Each of our fee notes (which will be denominated & payable in sterling) must be settled, in full, 14 days following your receipt of it. If it is not, we shall be entitled to charge interest on it (on a daily basis) on the full amount due at Clydesdale Bank base rate plus 4%, this will be accrued until the full amount of the invoice is made in full (including accrued interest).


Confidentiality and Data Protection


We shall maintain confidentiality in respect of your affairs unless you authorise us to reveal these matters or we are obliged to do so by operation of law or order of the Court. Any personal information provided to us by you will be collected, retained and used in accordance with our Privacy Statement




We will not be responsible for the consequences of, and shall not be liable for, any loss caused to you or any third party arising from any misleading, incomplete or erroneous instructions or information given by you or where information or instructions are not given timeously. In respect of a claim by such a third party in such circumstances, you will wholly indemnify us in respect of that claim.




You are entitled to cancel this agreement for us to act for you at any time. You are able cancel by any reasonable means. As a result you will be liable for any fees we incur on your behalf up to the time we receive this confirmation, except where you cancel during the ‘cooling off’ period. The charges will be limited to what is reasonable in the circumstances and shall reflect the actual work undertaken by Just Employment Law Ltd. If you decide to instruct alternative agents to act for you, we will only be able to forward our papers to these agents upon receipt of a signed mandate


The first 14 days of after you have signed the contract is the ‘cooling off’ period. We will not charge you for any work completed during the first 14 days of the contract and if you have paid any fees for the first 14 days after signing this agreement, and you cancel on or before the 14th day of this contract, you are entitled to a refund of the payments, if any, made by you to Just Employment Law Ltd.


We can cancel this agreement if you materially breach any of your responsibilities and you fail to rectify your material breach within 21 days of Us telling You which We will attempt to do by both telephone and post.




Should you have a complaint about any aspect of our services you should address any complaints to our Managing Director. A copy of our Complaints Procedure is available on our website.


Other important information


You have the right to seek further advice, shop around and make the complaint yourself, should you wish.


The provisions of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 are excluded from this agreement which means that only you and we have any rights under this contract. However if you ask us to liaise with anybody else on your behalf in relation to this contract we will do so provided that you give us your written permission.


These terms and conditions shall be governed by the Law of England and Wales and are subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

If you would like to speak to one of our solicitors & discuss your requirements in more detail please call 0141 331 5150 or use this contact form.
Any personal information provided to us by you will be collected, retained and used in accordance with our Privacy Statement
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