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Settlement Agreements FAQ

What is the difference between a settlement agreement and a compromise agreement?

Other than the terminology used, there is no material difference between a settlement agreement and a compromise agreement. Both are agreements used to waive claims that an employee may have against an employer.

How much will it cost the company to have a settlement agreement prepared?

We offer competitive hourly rates for such work, and may also be able to agree a fixed fee in advance, depending on the circumstances. Please contact us to obtain further information regarding pricing.

How long does it take to obtain advice regarding a settlement agreement for an employee?

This depends on the point at which we get involved and the complexity of the situation. We can be involved in advising you from the outset, at the point at which a settlement agreement is offered (which would include drafting and negotiating terms on the company’s behalf), or once the terms have been agreed in principle.od.

Do I have to come to your office to sign the agreement on behalf of the company?

We do not usually require you to attend a face to face meeting to sign the agreement, and it is possible to arrange this by way of telephone advice, email and post.

Can an employee still bring an Employment Tribunal claim against the employer if they sign a settlement agreement?

No. By signing the settlement agreement , the employee will waive their right to bring particular Employment Tribunal claims against their employer. The settlement agreement is usually in full and final settlement of these particular claims. Generally, an employee would be expected to give a warranty that they have no additional claims other than those listed in the agreement.

Seminars and Training FAQ

What makes your seminars and training sessions different from those of other organisations?

We put the emphasis on the practical side of things, rather than lecturing to you in the traditional academic sense. Therefore you have the chance to participate fully in our seminars through plenary sessions, role plays or other activities. You will get the chance to put what you have learned into practice in a ‘safe’ environment.

Are there any hidden extras in your charges?

No. The price we agree beforehand is the price you will pay for the seminar or training session. Our only additional charges, in the case of on-site seminars or training sessions, are for reimbursement of travelling and accommodation expenses.

What areas of employment law do your seminars and training sessions cover?

We can offer seminars or training on any area of employment law. If you want something slightly different from the most popular topics, perhaps because of the nature of your business, please feel free to discuss your requirements with us.

Is training available as part of the Retainer Service?

Yes. A certain number of training sessions per annum (on or off-site) can be agreed in advance as part of your retainer package. This may be particularly useful where we have drafted new policies and procedures for you and you wish to train your managers in operating them.

Projects FAQ

What areas of the UK do you cover for on-site project work?

We will carry out on-site work anywhere in the UK.

Are there any hidden extras in your charges?

No. The price we agree beforehand is the price you will pay for the project. Our only additional charges, in the case of on-site project work, are for reimbursement of travelling and accommodation expenses charges.

Do you only deal with 'large-scale' projects?

No. Projects can range from straightforward contract drafting or settlement agreements through to multiple-site business restructuring.

What if I subscribe to the Annual Retainer Service?

If you subscribe to the Annual Retainer Service during the project, we may be able to absorb some or all of the project charges into the Retainer charge, depending upon the size and nature of the project.

Do we have to pay in advance?

Not normally. We usually render our fee note upon satisfactory completion of the work. We may, however, issue interim fee notes in the case of larger projects.

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